All government organizations and departments are heavily bound by record and email management standards, rules and policies.

Emails and files sent or received in the course of official business of a public office are considered records. These records must be kept in their native format to retain the integrity of the original email and associated attachments.

One way of retaining email and document records is with an archiving solution. However, despite freeing up email inboxes, they are not 100 per cent compliant, do not differentiate between critical information and other types of information and are not foolproof.

The OnePlace Solutions product suite allows organisations to transfer information assets from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office or Windows File Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint, automatically capturing email attributes and retaining the native .msg email format and related attachments.

Storing information assets in their native format retains the integrity of the original email and associated attachments and allows SharePoint to apply the appropriately defined record retention policies.

The OnePlace Solutions product suite increases compliance for government record and email management policies and also ensures:

  • All necessary parties have access to all the records needed to complete a project.
  • Records are registered and categorized according to organization guidelines, making the information accessible and manageable.
  • Email and related records are linked together to produce a complete file.
  • Emails are disposed of according to approved procedures and policies.
  • Email server space is reduced by the routine deletion of emails as official records are stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

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