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Property & construction involves multiple stakeholders across long-running, complex projects.  Effective collaboration, knowledge sharing, and accurate record compliance are critical to managing project risks.

Key Features & Benefits

Deliver workflow efficiencies, cost savings, and greater productivity
Embrace Collaboration

Embrace Collaboration

Multiple stakeholders and long-running projects demand simple and effective collaboration across projects. Secure access and confidence to communicate with efficiency across dispersed teams are critical.

Knowledge Sharing and Key Learning

Knowledge Sharing and Key Learning

Project experiences and outcomes produce key learnings and valuable knowledge for managing risks, intelligent decision-making, and driving successful results on future projects.

Manage Project Risk and Compliance

Manage Project Risk and Compliance

Maintaining all documents and correspondence in one place and with critical metadata for easy discovery helps manage risk and compliance exposure.

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  • We use OnePlaceMail to manage and transfer email to SharePoint and it does this really well. 


    Noreen Williams, Massey University February 2023

  • OnePlaceMail & OnePlaceDocs is easy to work with and user friendly

    Frank Mills, Willis Towers Watson -  January 2023

  • Great software that works really well with SharePoint

    Andrew Dick, GW Dick & Co -  December 2022

  • Very helpful applications that increase staff efficiency and job satisfaction 

    Ian Hearnes, East Gippsland Catchment Management -  December 2022

  • Great Product, even better support

    Chau Phuong, Queensland Treasury  -  October 2022

  • Support has always been fantastic, when I have needed it. You always keep in touch and I know who to speak to when I need to. I would 100% recommend OnePlaceSolutions - and do when at SharePoint events. 

    Sarah Lawty, USDAW  -  October 2022

  • easy to use product & awesome service

    Janine Lowrie, Genesis Energy  -  September 2022

  • OnePlace Solutions provides a very useful tool that makes filing and data management easier and seamless.

    Lorena Mandia, Willis Towers Watson  -  September 2022

  • Nice and friendly solution both for end users as for application management. The software has a small footprint.

    Tonny Blind, Authority Financial Market  -  June 2022

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