How to enrich Employee Experience with Microsoft 365

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Jessica Mckenzie
20 July 2022
How to enrich Employee Experience with Microsoft 365

Employee Experience (EX) has always been an important factor in determining how satisfied employees are at work. Now that how we work and where we work have changed significantly, delivering a superior employee experience and keeping employees engaged is more challenging. It requires a strategic mix of the right technology and systems, as well as a strong culture. Getting this right and keeping employees happy is essential because happy, engaged employees tend to deliver the best customer experiences.

Complex processes and systems can lead to employee frustration and reduced morale. Ultimately, this has a harmful impact on the organization because workers are constrained from being able to achieve their potential and deliver excellent experiences for customers. As such, it’s crucial that businesses work to provide an exceptional employee experience.

For many organizations, Microsoft 365 plays a key role in streamlining business processes, communication, and effective collaboration. It also offers significant opportunities to make life easier for workers. Microsoft Viva and the introduction of Microsoft Loop provide opportunities to bring communications, knowledge, resources, and insights together.

For companies that use Microsoft 365, finding ways to further enhance the employee experience by enabling simple engagement with the platform is an important way to empower employees, driving greater motivation and productivity. OnePlaceLive Solution Profiles allow business systems on the Microsoft 365 platform to be delivered to where employees work in a simple, consistent, and engaging manner to drive greater engagement.

Access SharePoint within Outlook


There are four focus areas organizations should look to optimize to help simplify and enrich the employee experience with Microsoft 365:

  1. Access from anywhere
  2. Simplified data capture and classification
  3. Enhanced discovery
  4. Create and action where employees work

Access from anywhere


Employees who work in a fully remote or hybrid environment want to access their data, documents, and information quickly, regardless of where they work. Delivering business solutions where employees complete their work in a personalized manner results in greater simplicity and solution engagement. Tasks are completed in familiar applications such as Outlook, Office, and Microsoft Teams, minimizing change for employees. 

Simplified data capture and classification

A simplified process lets employees capture and classify their data, documents, and information is critical to delivering a superior employee experience. Without this, employees will struggle to easily save and classify data for easy access in the future. Creating a cumbersome classification process can also impede on employees’ productivity levels while minimizing the benefits of an intelligent digital workplace.

Enhanced discovery

Search is an essential function for any document-related solution, so it’s critical that businesses can deliver an employee experience that includes simple but powerful discovery features. It’s important to understand that document management processes change over time, as do teams and employees, so not all documents will always be saved exactly the same way. Consequently, it’s critical to have an enhanced discovery function that lets employees search for (and find) previous documents and file versions even if they don’t know precisely what they’re looking for.

Create and action where employees work

Employees want to be able to create documents and action changes when and where it suits them. Building in complex processes that require employees to constantly move between browsers, windows, or applications creates a complex process that can reduce workers’ productivity. By contrast, letting them access what they need, when they need it, right from where they work can make employees more productive and smooth the way for them to engage fully in their work.

OnePlace Solutions understands the need for businesses to provide ways for employees to engage productively with solutions built on Microsoft 365 and remain motivated. That’s why we prioritize creating simplicity for employees to help them engage with applications on Microsoft 365 from where they prefer to work, instead of making employees adapt to unaccommodating business processes.

OnePlaceLive Solution Profiles deliver business solutions to where people work within the Microsoft 365 platform, resulting in a simplified and consistent experience in a familiar environment, helping keep employees engaged and productive.


Contact the team today for more information on how OnePlace Solutions can help you deliver an exceptional employee experience.




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