KB0150 - Domain names and ports that should be opened for OnePlace Solutions


  • OnePlace Solutions Desktop (R8.5 & later)
  • OnePlaceMail for Outlook App


OnePlace Solutions Desktop:

When attempting to sign in to OnePlace Solutions, users are presented with the message 'Error performing license check. An error occured while sending the request'

kb desktop firewall

OnePlaceMail App:

When attempting to sign in, you are presented with a message that states that ''We are unable to connect to our services. Please verify you that you have internet connectivity and that our domain addresses are not blocked by your firewall"

When attempting to sign in, you are presented with the following error:

Firewall message


Please contact your network administrator to add the following domain names and ports as an exception or whitelist them in your organization firewall:

  • *
  • Port 443 (HTTPS protocol)

We recommend that you use * to allow everything from

If you don't want to use * to enable everything from, you can add the following list of service names as an exception/whitelist in your firewall:


Should you choose this approach, please keep checking this page for additional endpoints in the future.

Please note: Without access to those endpoints, you will be unable to use the OnePlaceMail App. This means your users will not be able to access their subscription and save files to SharePoint. 

If you have added the doman names above as an exception or whitelisted them in your firewall and you are still unable to use OnePlaceMail, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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